We work with Government and Councils, Government agencies, engineers, architects, forensics, creative industries and private enterprise. Spatial Ops can provide either, or all, of the following services:

3D Point Clouds

A point cloud is the raw output of the 3D laser scanning process. It is a set of many data points returned from surfaces in a recorded area. 

A registered point cloud (the process of compiling multiple scans) provides accurate documentation of a built space with sub-millimetre accuracy. This is used to extract precise measurements and produce drawings and models.

Point cloud data can be imported into software to visualise the space. The data can be modified and manipulated to suit your needs using various software programs.

CAD Drawings

Spatial Ops can provide measured 2D Drawings and 3D Models from point cloud data captured on site. We use Revit from Autodesk in our CAD process. Drawings can be used to create a proposed set/sketch design service.

3D Mesh

Spatial Ops can also deliver a 3D Mesh for 3D printing from point clouds. The 3D Mesh can be exported to .OBJ, .STL, .SAT, .DWG file types.

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