We are Australia’s leading designer-operated 3D laser scanning service.

Using the world’s best in German-made laser technology, Spatial Ops provides Australia’s quickest and most accurate 3D digital scans of projects and places.

Spatial Ops has extensive experience in 3D laser scanning of building elements and types, from residential and heritage architecture applications to commercial and educational facilities, public and cultural assets and transport infrastructure.

Fully customisable, Spatial Ops can deliver services, including 3D point clouds, 2D drawings/3D modelling with CAD and 3D mesh (for 3D printing). Data can be exported to various digital file types to suit your needs.

Spatial Ops is founded and operated by JDA Co. A leading architecture firm, JDA Co. is renowned for their innovation of solution-based technologies, technical dexterity and design ingenuity.


Meet the Team

Spatial Ops is founded and operated by JDA Co. — Australia’s preferred architects for flood, fire and storm resilience.

Arjan Sandhu

Senior Scanner Technician

Arjan is a graduate architect and lead scanner technician at Spatial Ops. He joined JDA Co. in 2018 whilst studying at the University of Queensland. Since then, he has contributed to a range of heritage projects, including cultural, educational and residential work. Friendly and approachable, Arjan is passionate and highly knowledgeable in 3D laser scanning and the opportunities it presents for the built and creative industries.

Clive Ba-Pe

Scanner Technician

A registered architect with JDA Co. and scanner technician with Spatial Ops, Clive has strong interests in progressive, climate-responsive architecture and a passion for remote and challenging design. Competent and professional, Clive has previously worked in graphic design and illustration, and is always looking for ways to improve a situation through design and visual communication.

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